We Are the Forsaken

The old ones tell the legend of the time before The Sundering. A time when the people lived their lives without fear or pain. They built great cities and wonders as monuments to their genius and dominion of the world, but this made the gods jealous.

The gods were the only reason the people had prospered as they had, but they had become so far advanced they forgot their creators and instead worshiped themselves. The gods blamed one another for the mistake, insult turned to rage, and a War in Heaven raged. In the end, all of the gods were slain, save one. The oldest and mightiest god, Naught lord of the void, who had slumbered through man kind’s age of opulence awoke to find his brothers and sisters destroyed and in his rage he killed our planet. The event is what we now call the sundering.

Naught intended to call all of humanity, but we proved more resilient than he thought. The old world died, but a new one was born from its corpse. And we have survived, just survive. For ages we have lived in the husk of man, waiting for redemption. A redemption which now draws near.

The gods are being reborn in human form. Across the wastes the walk among us in increasing numbers. The Children of Naught revere them, the Knights of Erebus hunt them, and the Keepers study them, but we all agree on one thing. The gods are returning, and the New Dawn begins.


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